I had used alcohol as a coping mechanism to escape negative thoughts or feelings, making the world seem less daunting. But as I quit drinking, I had to confront these feelings head-on. I learned how to deal with difficult emotions in therapy as a part of my journey and found healthier ways to express them. This newfound ability to face uncomfortable feelings without the crutch of alcohol was liberating.

Becca Hinshaw is a shining example of drug court success – Pontiac Daily Leader

Becca Hinshaw is a shining example of drug court success.

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Incredible Recovery and Sobriety Memoirs I Want Everyone to Read

When the program ended, she moved into transitional housing. She says she finds huge therapeutic value in sharing stories with other people in the same situation. For someone so young, her journey is a story of hope for other young addicted people. Kate sobriety success stories uses healthy coping mechanisms like writing and exercising. She now understands that her addictive behavior was rooted in negative emotions, and she now knows how to better manage them. Kate had no interest in becoming sober until she lost everything.

Hunter Biden trial: Why his gun case hinges on one fateful day when he wasn’t using drugs

  • I’ve had more fun and adventure in sobriety than I ever could have dreamed.
  • I have to be present and I have to self-reflect and commit to being a better person for the people around me.
  • Like many who choose the path of recovery, Butler faced his past and committed to a healthier future.
  • And I actually felt a huge relief when I realized what my problem was because I felt like I finally had a solution.
  • I did become friendly with two non-physician coworkers, and we began getting together for martinis and cigars on a frequent basis.

Amber Lotsi, LMSW, is the case manager for Navigator, Menninger’s recovery management program. Leslie Riley, MS, LCDC-I, CPRSS, is a peer recovery specialist who works on Navigator, Menninger’s recovery management program. I’ve seen so many people over the years not make it, and I hope my sobriety can shed the light that you are not alone. If you are a woman struggling with addiction, do not let stigma and barriers to seeking help prevent you from getting the help you need. A better life is out there, for you and for your loved ones.

sobriety success stories

The Rising Trend of Quitting Alcohol

  • This approach is designed to reduce the cycle of repeated short-term treatment episodes by expanding access to recovery support services and case management.
  • “I was able to stay sober for 9 months – meetings every day, praying every day, really in the middle of the program.
  • With over four decades of sobriety, Sir Anthony Hopkins frequently shares his journey, offering valuable insights into the enduring importance of determination and self-belief.
  • Again, I excelled in my training program, becoming the chief resident in my final year.
  • I started volunteering at an addiction treatment facility.

Shepard’s personal journey from addiction to recovery isn’t just inspiring; it provides an intimate look into the challenges, pitfalls, and triumphs that characterize the human experience. His vulnerability and unwavering determination offer a powerful narrative of hope and resilience. A turning point came when he recognized its strain on his relationships and well-being. Opting for sobriety, Pitt underwent a personal and professional renaissance. His open discussions on addiction, mental health, and recovery have shed light on these critical issues and displayed his depth as an individual beyond his characters. Choosing to confront his struggles head-on, he embarked on sobriety.

  • She now understands that her addictive behavior was rooted in negative emotions, and she now knows how to better manage them.
  • She didn’t realize how much lying is an integral part of alcoholism.
  • I’m in recovery from both alcohol abuse and mental illness.
  • Launched in 2019, Mind Matters is curated and edited by an expert clinical team, which is led by Robyn Dotson Martin, LPC-S.
  • I don’t think I even really liked drinking — it just seemed to make things a lot easier.

Finding the Balance in Drinking Habits

sobriety success stories

Sober Since 2012 MJ shares his struggles with addiction and the story of how it unfolded.

Understanding Excessive Drinking